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Exceptional bad sign(barrier,helipad) texture on "high" textures.
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So, I've recently modified my in-game stup to lower the loading lag my non SSD-drive is giving me, turning out to lower all my settings to high.

While playing I noticed extremely bad mid-range textures for Signs,helipads and barriers.

Would be cool if they'd get a bit more out of the "high" setting. {F22721}


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yes this is exactly what i experience as well, but not just some specific objects, all textures are bad.(if you compare arma 3 textures to arma 2 or any other game, you will wonder how bad arma 3 is)
to prevent this problem you need very high or ultra texture settings, and maybe it works perfectly, which is nonsense.(my pc cant afford more then high in multiplayer,it reverts back to high)
arma 2 on lowest textures and object detail look almost the same from 300-500m then arma 3 with high textures, cos the textures dont change quality to much with distance when you see far in arma 2.

we need separated custom settings for texture details
keeping the quality with distance fairly