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Magazines with one bullet in them weigh as much as one with 100.
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Right now magazines weigh a set amount, regardless of the amount of ammo left in them. For instance, an MX SW magazine with 100 bullets weighs the same as an MX SW magazine with one bullet. This could appear as a negligible issue at first, but in long firefights and long missions after firing +250 rounds and you start getting down to having 5 magazines with anywhere from 3 to 30 rounds in them, it would make a difference.


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Open your inventory and click and drag a full magazine from your inventory to the ground/crate. Observe the loss of weight that shedding the magazine had on your soldier.

Now fire off all but one of your bullets from the loaded magazine. Click and drag that magazine and notice that the weight loss is the same as the full magazine dropped earlier. This indicates that the nearly empty mag and the full mag weigh the same.

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I imagine this would actually be really easy to code, the book keeping of adding projectile and magazine weights would take a little while but this also is a really good foundation for adding a system for keeping empty mags for resupply :)