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setGroupIconsVisible renders all icons the same color on dedicated server
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I'm using the militarySymbols module + setGroupIconsVisible [true,true] in the initilization to show map + 3D markers. Through preview the colors for each faction are correct. However when on a dedicated server, all of the markers are the same color. {F22710}


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Place the militarySymbols module. Modules > misc > millitarySymbols. Place setGroupIconsVisible [true,true] into it's initilization field. Put down some blufor, opfor and independent units.

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This has to be a super easy fix. It would be great if a dev took the very small amount of time to change some text around to make it work for dedicated servers =)

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Okay so it's not just the FIA and AAF markers. All of the markers are rendered the same color for all sides on a dedicated server. Making this great feature pointless outside of SP or MP hosted.

It would be nice, if this issue would be at least reviewd or even assigned. The wrong BLUFOR icon color on a dedicated server leads to some quite annoying issues, when clients believe that they are hit by friendly fire.

The module was working correctly in Arma 2.

Nothing? Not even acknowledged that this is broken?

By dedicated, you simply mean an Internet server, right?

Dedicated means the use of a dedicated server, which can either be Internet, LAN, or neither of those.

As far as I know, this is still not working and especially with the standard BIS High Commander module, which use the military symbol module, results in a not desired behavior.

For me it's not relevant anymore, as I wrote a custom integration for displaying groups/intel data for my mission, but other users might still rely on this.

Well I don't "rely on this". But we need to be able to use this broken feature. Why should I have to write code to do something that's already here...

Still broken on dedicated.