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Boat still playing driving sound while being towed
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This is kind of a specific problem because it only occurs when a vehicle tow script is working but still worth reporting to my mind.

(I just tried with the Speedboat!)
When you are on a Multiplayer-Server with vehicle tow enabled you still hear the boat-floating-in-the-water-sound while the boat is towed to a car and you driving across land.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go on a common Wasteland Server that has vehicle tow enabled. Or try yourself in the Editor. Don't know where to get the vehicle tow script though. Example Server Filter: Host: BLS, Mission: Wasteland, Type: Sandbox;
  2. Get yourself a car and a Speedboat minigun.
  3. Tow the boat to the car while the boat is still in the water.
  4. Drive away with the car and you will hear the boat making sounds as it would drive in the water.
Additional Information

This problem is most likely not dependent on the distinct tow script I hope.
But if so just reject this issue.

My actual game version is (campaign Hotfix)

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