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Can we please get the ramps on the H-Barrier watchtowers working?
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H-Barrier watch towers are completely unusable currently. I've tried on several different occasions with multiple attempts to go up the ramp to get into the tower, but every time i just go through the ramp and get stuck.

I'm really surprised that something like this hasn't been fixed yet, it's been there since day one.


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spawn a H-Barrier watchtower and try to use the ramp to get in.

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thanks for the tip

Thanks a lot, should be fixed in the following dev update...

not sure if there is a ticket already for it but the same happens with the 2 stacked hbarriers with ramp on the left

they're at least usable, but definitely need work as well. you can still use the ramp to get up and on them but i often find myself getting stuck in the ramp and the H barriers themselves. If you're up on the ledge pushed right up against the top H barrier and then turn, you will get stuck in it and be forced out the other side.

Thanks You Devs I take back all my snide remarks, you are working and not just playing games all day.

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