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I was thinking since the ACE development team isn't planning on doing a mod for Arma 3... This can be used for Casual, Hardcore, and both types of players...

Being able to...

-Immobilize an enemy (Leg or Key points or randomize pain to force a Stumble or Limp effect)

-Directional control (Where the character will start to go in a different direction from the extent of his/her injuries)

-Falls (10>15ft/3.05>4.57m Walking over the edge the character shouldn't have any damage... add a roll effect when he/she runs to help break the fall... when those 2-3ft falls happen keep him/her going... Now when it comes to fatigue you can adjust this because when your body is fatigued your body is going to be less resilient from those falls)

-Add Zip-Ties (Adds a non-lethal aspect... Whoever is Zip-Tied can still move depending on their injury)

-Bleed-out and/or Unconsciousness

-Add Melee and/or Choke-Hold (In Multiplayer I have ended up behind someone and the only option is to shoot and give away your position)

-Add Counter-Melee (the only thing I can think of is whoever can spam the same button the fastest... this is only to break the melee action and is up to the players what happens next)

-Add Dynamic Medic System (One of my favorite games was AA3 because of this)

When I was talking about this, it could be used for Casual, Hardcore, and both... Have options to enable Items and Actions...

This is all I can think of at the moment... Hopefully the members of BIS can think about this... I am sure a good amount of the community would like to see something like this, especially the Realism Units...


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-Duck feature in vehicles

What do you mean? Where have ACE said they are not doing a mod because from my knowledge, they are.

I read that they don't have any plans of them doing it for Arma 3... If you can provide a link of them saying this please do...

Related to what with the realistic healing and wounding.

BTW, use google. ACE has a devheaven for Arma 3 development.

Not that I dont' disagree, these would be nice, but there are probably already tickets for these.