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M2A1 Slammer takes no damage if hit with 120mm APFSDS in the right spot
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Sometimes when you hit Slammer with T-100's (or other Slammer's) 120mm cannon with AP-round in the right spot (probably in the crew compartment) and it penetrates the whole tank, the Slammer takes zero damage. {F22705}


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a T-100 Varsuk in the editor.
  2. Put empty M2A1 Slammer max. 100m away.
  3. Shoot at it in the spot depicted in the uploaded picture.
  4. Go inside the Slammer and observe damage.
Additional Information

The hull (and maybe the turret) should take atleast some damage from the fully penetrating AP-round. Also an AP-round penetrating crew compartments usually kills or atleast severely injures the crew members because of shrapnell and sudden pressure & temperature changes inside the tank.

Video of 120mm APFSDS (and HEAT) round effects outside and inside a tank:

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zGuba added a comment.Nov 5 2013, 1:52 PM

The issue is quite difficult to track because of way damage system works - primarily the lack of projectile and armour fragmentation causes it to be extremely difficult to balance.

Regardless, I'll try to fix such issues within available technology.

zGuba added a comment.Nov 20 2013, 1:37 PM

Please try if issue persists after next Dev branch update of armor_f_gamma

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Considering as fixed unless proved otherwise

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