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Rain glitch/graphical bug
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I was flying in the dark with stormy weather when the rain suddenly turned black. This happened after lightning struck in front of me at close range. {F22695} {F22696}


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-Fly any helicopter or plane at night with stormy weather
-Wait until lightning strikes in front of you

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Confirmed on my side.

It seems it happens on night time rain (Storm might have something to do). Was trying out the rain in a friends server when he changed it to night time...then the black textures popped in.

Couldn't repro in Editor yet, only happened that time

Can confirm, it is irritating. It happens when scene is dark late evening/night/before sunrise.

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This is relatively easy to reproduce with explosive charges and vehicles at night with the rain turned up to full.

There is a very quick workaround if you have NVGs, flick them on and off again. If you're in a mission without them, go under a tree or in a house or somewhere where the rain stops rendering in the immediate area and it usually cleans up but until it does you're exceptionally vulnerable

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This also happens if you have been in the water as a diver, then if it rains when you are on land you get the black oblong box for rain drops.if you flick the NV on & off or look through a sight or bins & back again it will go but can reoccur

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Forgot to close this one. Was fixed some time ago.