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Tank drivers incompetent and quite disobedient
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I enjoy warfare. In arma 2, when you send tanks to town depot across map, they usually made it there. However, In Arma 3, they seems to stuck way too often. In fact, commanding tanks in arma 3 consists mainly of micromanaging them through "difficult" terrain (open fields with stone walls everywhere).

Another thing is how you give commands to AI driver when you sit on gunner/commander seat in tank. When you click on map driver will head there, which is of course fine. However if you want to stop and hit arrow down, he will stop, but he will not continue when you say forward again > instead he will go straight forward. You have to give him map coordinates again.

For some reason, tank drivers has problem with going backwards. For example, when you sit on gunners seat and tell your driver to move forward he will gladly move. If you see target and want to stop he will stop. If you, however, need to go little backwards, there comes problems. You hit arrow down, your driver will start going forward extremely slowly and then, if you are lucky, go backwards even more slowly. Most times he wotn thought. When you get angry and get to drivers seat to backup yourself and get back to gunners, he will move forward again even if you tell him to stop. Caused me to rage quit today.

So, there are these issues:

  1. Tanks doesnt keep on roads. I would like them to keep on roads when set on Careless, Safe, or Aware (like irl - conserve fuel).

Combat > go through field.

  1. Terrible pathfinding and lack of crushing power of tanks combined. How does those tittle stone walls stop beast like T-100? Im aware there are certain engine limitations but still, this could use some work.
  1. Click on map, stop and go again for tank driver. It would save map click to continue towards you objective.
  1. I know some might disagree, but when you tell your driver to go forward, in most times it doesnt mean you want him to crush into something, but follow some street for example or avoid obstacles. They shouldnt ignore obstacles imho.
  1. Pls, teach drivers to go backwards :)

I hope its clear what i wanted to report.

Please forgive as English is not my first language.

See you on battlefield!


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  1. Place Opfor T-100 for example near Athira.
  1. Set player as commander or gunner.
  1. Map click on Telos.
  1. Enjoy your trip :D. ( your driver will stuck quite often)
  1. If you place more tanks in your group, how many of them will make it to Telos?
  1. If your driver ends in stone wall, order him to go backwards (arrow down). Does he comply?
  1. If he makes it out of there somehow, you have to map click again. Forward just means forward.

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I know some might disagree, but when you tell your driver to go forward, in most times it doesnt mean you want him to crush into something, but follow some street for example or avoid obstacles.
They shouldnt ignore obstacles imho.

Actually, as written here, I disagree :) When I tell the driver to go i.e. forward, to avoid being fired upon by enemy armor, I want him to do exactly just that and crush trees and whatever is ahead - catching an enemy APFSDS will be much less pleasant than that.

This mode of command is for combat, really. For usual movements, there is the <~+left click>. Otherwise, commanding the AI crew in combat will be a constant battle with AI stupidity (which it is sometimes now, but only sometimes - all in all, it's pretty good).

For the same reason I disagree with p.3 - "combat" emergency orders have priority over normal "route" orders. Again, when I'm under aim of several APCs and MBTs, I don't want the AI to look for "good" route, I want him to get the hell behind this concrete building.

P.1 and P.2 are agreeable - but since everything is in one ticket, I don't vote at all.

LOWCZ added a comment.Nov 3 2013, 11:34 PM

Thanks for your feedback :)

Me too want driver to get moving quickly in given direction but imho he should ignore soft obstacles only, like trees or small walls which he can overcome be force. Riding straight into building or big rock and get stuck doesnt help that much :).

Solution could be ignoring only "soft obstacles" or some sort of force move, with control + direction for example. Same could be applied to "continue route", example quick command in radio protocol. But it may be too complicated :D