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Satchel charge unrealistically weak
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Description has been resolved in this release and I agree that to "destroy a large building that is made out of concrete with one demo charge." "should not be possible".

This extra damage is confirmed by Cochambre here:
"BI changed the amount of damage that towers can take. Instead of all towers taking 1 explosive charge to destroy, larger towers now take 3-4 explosive charges and smaller towers take 2-3 charges to knock down." This I also assume is feasible.

However, unless placed directly in contact with an Ammobox (eg. Box_NATO_Ammo_F) it can take up to 4 explosive charges (SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag) to destroy the object.

Now I'm no military expert, just a gamer, but I am going to assume that a box full of ammo is not going to take more than one explosive charge within close proximity to destroy.

There is also a good indication that this would be the case based upon the fact that during the new campaign you place one 'charge' on a downed ghosthawk to finish it off.

My believe is that either the satchel charges are to weak or the ammoboxes are to strong.

An ammo box can be destroyed in 6 x 6.5mm rounds so I'm going with the satchel charge now being to weak.

I would also therefore assume (and mainly because I have no idea of how to test this) that a building nearby (5-10m) is not going to take a lot of damage from this but someone else will be able to answer that.


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Steps To Reproduce

editor >
place player unit
this allowdamage false; this addbackpack "b_kitbag_base"; (unitBackpack this) addmagazineCargo ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag",4];

Place 1 x Box_NATO_Ammo_F

Place 3 x SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag within 1 meter on the same spot.

Detonate the charges and watch the ammobox remain.

Additional Information

There are occasions where placing 1x SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag on either side of the ammobox will blow it up but I still think this is overkill.

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no, i can place a demo charge between 3 ammo boxes and they are all destroyed, besides, the satchel charge and the demo charge are different...the satchel charge is about 2.5 demo charges together. your steps to reproduce has us using satchel charges, yet you're complaining about demo charges

@vryoffbtdrummr Not complaining. Feedback. If im wrong im wrong. If I was complaining I would have ranted in the forums.

The item that has changed with the patch is SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag

Lets clarify.
So a demo charge, which has less strength than a satchel charge, is able to blow up the ammobox?

If thats the case then there is definitely an issue here...


I have just tested this and your right. Demo charges placed beside the ammobox will destroy the ammobox. Satchel charges placed beside the ammobox will not destroy the ammobox.

Do I simply have this back to front. If the satchel charge has the power of approximately two and a half demo charges's then there is certainly a problem here.

Either way I can now happily change to using DemoCharge_Remote_Mag and my mission works again.

PS. You are right. I now see where I have made my mistake. The patch talks about them having changed demo charge"s" and I rolled with that when the feedback title should read Satchel Charges and is therefore only indirectly associated with the feedback I referenced. Crossed wires. My bad. However I still believe there is a problem with the satchel charges.

The SITREP reads:
"Decreased damage, range and weight of demo charges (it was too huge and devastating for its purposes - - and caused capacity issues for BLUFOR divers)"

Im assuming "charges" is plural and includes both charge types? It must as satchels have also changed.

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Satchels are now preposterously underpowered, I made a video to illustrate just how bad they are. Actually that's not true, I made a video to show off a huge explosion and a car being thrown a kilometre in the air but ultimately it worked a lot better as an illustration of the nerfification of the satchel charge:

Remember the demo charge in the Alpha, how it was a massively dangerous thing you wanted to be half a click from before detonating? That's what I think satchels should be.

the satchel charge should be strong. I only reported about the dem charge(the small one. btw, i would test the satchel charge, but i cant seem to find it any more. where did it go?

AD2001 added a comment.Nov 7 2013, 9:55 PM

The engineer has one (or two?), and it's class name is "SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag".

Just add this to the INIT of your player:
this allowdamage false; this addbackpack "b_kitbag_base"; (unitBackpack this) addmagazineCargo ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag",4];

the allowdamage simply stops you taking any damage while testing to save time.

I should probably update the issue description. Will try to get that done tonight.

yeah. ok. i thought they removed it from the game due to it not being on any unit

Any updates here?