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cannot launch
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just downloaded the campaign (via steam) shows in the menu...but there is no 'play/launch/start' button.

just back. options, and a grayed out host.

i disabled the 3 or 4 mods i had to be 'safe', and all that is enabled is arma3.

i have restarted it a time or two as well...

still no way to start it.

i clicked, double-clicked on the name, the pic, hit enter...nothing works...

how do i start it?
{F22654} {F22655} {F22656}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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see screenshot - had to switch it to window-mode to get screenshot

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Doubleclick on survive?

z80cpu added a subscriber: z80cpu.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM well as highlighting the name and hitting enter...NOTHING works...

i would assume that there should be a 'play' button at the bottom as it is with the scenarios...but there is not...

thank you for the suggestion...i guess you did not see in my original post that i mentioned that... ;)

thanks though!


problem does not expand when DB clicking on least for me, i had to use the 'right cursor' key to expand (after highlighting it) and NOW there is a 'play' button!