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Can not start from savepoint / Mission depends on downloadable data
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After I die I try and restart from save point and I get a message telling me I can not play because the mission is dependent on downloadable content. Then it loads a scene at night with the lighthouse which is not playable nor part of the mission.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Die and try and start from last save point.

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Would also be nice if there were some ammo boxes at base to update weapon scopes etc before going out on missions.

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if you check your map after each mission brief you WILL see an area for weapon loadouts. it's almost right next to where your stood at.

Which mission did you play?
Could you attach your .rpt file please?
.rpt file you can find here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Thank you.

lokii44@ I was talking about before everyone regroups at camp rogain. I was able to pick up gear off the AAF which was fine but it would just make the game more replayable if they had like a vas system or load out prior to mission. So you can always play the game differently.

astaroth yes I will do that right now! Thank you!

That directory does not exist for me as I have no Appdata folder.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

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