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Unaware behaviour of the squad in the end of last mission [spoiler]
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When the shelling begins and the chopper drops paratroopers, squad proceeds right into them like AI squadmates are completely unaware of the paratroopers landing in front of them. I guess there is an AI issue with distinguishing the parachute and the landed enemy on foot because squadmates react only to landed enemies (they don't even report the detection of falling paratroopers). After the paratroopers have landed the detection is still very poor (literally they are detected only after they open fire, so it's too late).


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Played on Expert difficulty.

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This is actually because the paratroopers are scripted to be setCaptive until they hit the ground.

I guess it's so your AI team doesn't shoot at them as they descend, but I don't really see the problem with them doing that. The only thing I can think of is that your squad would stop moving and that would delay the sort of frantic pace the missions all seem to encourage.

Maybe a developer could explain why they're captive, it seems a pretty poor design decision, or some kind of workaround. There is a note in the paradrop script saying something about the parachutes bursting into flames, but I don' think that's the reason because the parachutes have allowDamage false for that reason.

The problem is your whole squad getting killed like kittens in less than a minute (again I should say that I played on expert difficulty).

As correctly described by JoeOBrien, the paratroopers are kept on captive until they hit the ground. This is used to stop your AI from engaging them before then, as they will then switch to combat mode and are more likely to get pounded by the mortar fire.

Other than technical reasons, real soldiers in such a situation would rather rush for cover (the trees) than be caught by mortar fire out in the open. Being in the trees does indeed significantly decrease the chance of being hit by the mortars.

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