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Unrealistic choice of the path by your squad leader in the end of the final mission [spoiler]
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I'm not a military expert, but I'd rather go straight to the boats after the squad has crossed the first valley after the village (where the shelling began and the first paratroopers landed). Shortly saying, I'd divert more to the west. The reason is not only to short the way to the extraction (given the situation is critical) but also to avoid going through the landed group of enemy paratroopers (it's reasonable to flank them from the left). Given that there is no cover on the hill and the squad would be seen to the "artillery observers" anywhere on the hill there is no reason not to go straight to the boats. Instead of this the squad leader leads the team straight ahead over the ridge, after that they have quite a long way to the boats.


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Thanks for the feedback, but this is a subjective issue. Outside of the technical reasons for making them go this route, there is a deliberate feeling that I'm going for here; desperate, overwhelmed, disorganized. I feel the current setup accomplishes this.

You must remember, these are not organized teams under stable, structured command. These are bands of survivors cut-off from the outside world. More than any other time, they aren't going to follow what may seem like more conventional military tactics, and that's not taking into account that they don't know they're going to be hit by mortars. These are decisions being made under pressure on the fly, and they suffer the consequences.

Now I´m even more conviced after reading this...
You guys do a fantastic job!
I take my hat off to you!

Thank you!

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