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Triggering bug in the final mission [spoiler inside]
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Sometimes I got my entire squad killed in the final mission. I played the campaign on the expert mode, so I didn't have any waypoint indication on the screen. Boarding the "wrong" boat didn't properly end the mission - the boats remained where they are, didn't move and didn't shoot the landed CSAT paratroopers chasing me. I got killed because of this bug while I was trying to board another boat. There should really be no difference which boat to board, given the situation is critical.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce

Play in expert mode. Play the last mission untill the end but try the rest of your squad to be killed somehow.

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Thanks for reporting! You were never supposed to be able to get into the other boat. However, vehicle locks behave differently dependent on if you are or are not the only person in your squad. Now, you should only be able to get into the correct boat you are assigned to.

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