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Custom faces do not work properly.
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Custom faces seem not to be fully opaque, colors will appear washed out.
Your characters arms and legs will also appear to have no texture applied to them.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Grab a vanilla face to edit in painting software.
-Finish editing, save as jpeg, make sure file size is below 100kb or it will not --work in muliplayer.
-Place in your arma 3 profile named as "face.jpeg"
-View ingame

Additional Information

Custom faces in previous titles of this series were allot of fun and added personality to each players character. It was a huge let down to find that the custom faces in arma 3 were not too standard with the rest of the series.


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Sure it isn't caused by other files which create a texture?

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You need mods to fix this issue unfortunately.

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There are another posts re this problem. The use of default arms & leg textures would be a simple solution. its been a problem from the Alpha version but Bis dont seem interested in fixing it.

This is still an issue in 2020. it looks like the color of the face.jpg is added to the base model instead of replacing the base texture model.
As an extreme example on can create a fully white and a fully black face.jpg or paa
black paa:

white paa:

The white paa will make the face appear like this:

The black paa will make it look like this:

Not only does it prevent interesting, custom face paintings, it also prevents that basic, but custom face camouflage can be added to your profile, because any colour will look washed out. Given that Arma is a military sandbox, it not having proper custom face camouflage is a shame.