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No "play" button
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I have no "play" button to launch the campaign. (But I can double-click ont the first episode to play)


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive

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What's the point of a "Play" button if you can just double click?

For the lambda player, double-click is not evident. I spent near 2 minutes to think to double-click. And all menus (showcases, scenarios) have a "play" button. Why should the campaign menu not have one ?

I got no "Play" button either. Just a greyed out "Host" button. Double click doesn't work for me. I cannot start the campaign. EPIC FAIL

You have to expand the 'Survive' list first by clicking the triangle at the side. But yeah, the menu should be expanded by default.

A lot of people don't find out how to launch the campaign...

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wow, game really tries hard not to be played.

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is it so hard to just open up the folder of the first chapter? yes, i know it may be annoying this new way folders and sub folders are being organized, but it doesn't require not even a monkey to know what to do

As mentioned above " [...] all menus (showcases, scenarios) have a "play" button. Why should the campaign menu not have one ?" doesn't take a monkey to understand THAT, does it...

Same as sxp2high. I have no option to play the campaign.

You need to expend the "Survive" submenu.
And @Dr Death : stop insult people and go look at forums : there are really a lot of people who think the campaign can't be played.

It works by clicking the small triangle left of the campaign title, THEN double click on the first episode. Weird UI design and behavior. This could be done a lot more intuitive.

The missing Play button simply breaks the CONSISTENCY of the UI. No wonder people get confused.

A hotfix has been published.