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repel counterattack in "radio silence" mission is like suicide mission
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before description I should say I'm really impressed by this campaign thanks BI!

so I think there is another issue in "radio silence" mission (another issue is this which is that after taking mike-26 camp enemy reinforcements arrive with two armored car and our group move toward their position which they just disembark their cars without and command like danger or flanking and it's more like a suicide mission, my whole team killed so fast because of this bad strategy.
please make this part of this mission more realistic


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just get yourselfe a rocket launcher from the the guy in the tower at the gate.
then just stop at the top of the hill and shoot the armored vehicles with the launcher.

It's not a suicide mission, it just takes 17 FUCKING TRIES!

I took out the reinforcments without difficulty. It's only eight guys.

I do agree though that your team leader's plan of running straight toward the incoming enemy is idiotic. At Mike-26 you're in an elevated position with a pretty good view of that road, but your leader decides to go down and meet them.

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yes I think that strategy isn't perfect for that counterattack, this campaign is awesome and something like this should be change to the best.