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Reload should be more realistic
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I think that the reload of weapons should be more real. I hope this is in working progress. Because the reload in the game is just to unreal.

You should see that he takes the magazine from his vest, and take the empty magazine in his drop pocket.

Everybody knows that when reloading RPG and TITANS we can´t see the AT missile(HE)
This make the game so unrealistic.

I really hope you guys will VOTE this up. For me, it is important for the realism in the game.


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For me, I dont have a problem with not seeing how he pulls the Mag out of the Vest and this kind of stuff. What bothers me is the reload speed of the Rifles.. I think its too fast.
And yeah with the AT´s you´re right, there should be a visible rocket/grenade when he reloads it.

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Visisble ammo for the grenade launcher and missile launchers would be nice

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it would be fun if you could explain how can someone fix this engine problem when the game is already out.

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Do not know if they can fix it or not, but for me it is pretty stupid if they did not think of this before! Arma is suppose to be a realistic game play!

it looks pretty stupid to reload an TITAN with nothing but air.

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well, like i said, that's more of an engine issue, not so much of the animation, in A3 they added the mag going up and down as the reloading animation for rifles goes.

this can be added with the RPG and titan, but it would require a lot of static ammo to be added with the animations......

its actually some work for no more than 4 people and in 1 week with a new animation is fixed. but this kind of things (animations) must be fixed by BIS, not community addons.

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Already reported long ago.