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New 4-five handgun has wrong magazine size.
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I have recently tried out the new 4-5 handgun which seems to be a derivative of the real life FN-FNP45 on the Dev-Branch and I have noticed how the magazine only holds 11 rounds of .45Auto while the standard magazine of the FNP45 in real life can hold up to 15 rounds. I believe this should be fixed for authenticity's sake.


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There are infact 2 magazine types for the FN-FNP45, one which can hold up to 15 rounds and one which can only hold 10 rounds and which is mostly available in places where local gun restrictions do not allow magazines with a higher capacity than 10 rounds.

Here's the wikipedia link, it provides the different magazine sizes for the different FN-FNP models in the box on the right side of the page. [^]

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Can you provide any information sources which support this magazine size?

Here's the wikipedia link, it states the magazine capacity in the box on the right side under the headline 'Feed system'.
Also I have personally shot with an FNP-45 which belongs to somebody I know and I have seen first hand how the magazine is capable of holding 15 rounds.