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Zubr's recoil is wrong.
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Its most distinctive feature is that the barrel is on a low axis compared to most other revolvers, since it fires from the lowermost chamber of the cylinder, rather than firing from the topmost chamber. This is intended to reduce muzzle flip by directing the recoil into the shooter's wrist, rather than over it.


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  1. Shoot the Zubr.
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I would propose to see some user reviews on the gun or give it a try if possible. The handle is in such shape that reducing the recoil is more difficult even despite the lower chamber.

It was as at least as oddly-high as a bunch of the other weapons have tended to be when I tried the Zubr.

What is different with Zubr, compared to other BI handguns is that the "rotational kick" provided by the model.cfg animations is significantly lower and I believe it's on purpose to illustrate the effect the barrel positioning has.

As for the recoil generated by the config, it feels similar to the other .45 handguns. If that is the case in reality, I do not know.

Looking closer, it does appear that the lower barrel affects the weapons recoil.

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