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Civilian targets have incorrect (soldier) textures
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The following classes (and their children):

TargetP_Civ_F, TargetP_Civ2_F, TargetP_Civ3_F

have the texture of a soldier, instead of a civilian.

I am assuming by the class names, that they were intended to have civilian textures instead. {F22534} {F22535}


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It's not so unlikely that those are meant as target-objects that look like soldiers but are on the civilian side only so they won't get engaged by the AI.

Either way, why do you even care if they're not used as actual civilians?

@Tajin, you may be right. Lets wait to see if someone from BIS chimes in about this.

I would expect for a shoothouse scenario, that target identification and discrimination is an important factor. You could place civilians scattered, and mixed with actual targets. If a player shoots a non-threat, then you would deduct points.

I have uploaded a couple of textures I made for civilian targets, given that there are none in the game at the moment.