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YorrisJ2 Optic For Assualt Rifles
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It Would Be Nice To See An Actual StandAlone RedDot Sight Made For Rifles Just Like The Yorris J2 But Compatable For Things Like The Mx.
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Why? You have the ACO and the holosight for rifles.

yeah i know but it would be nice to have a RED DOT sight

And the ACO is?

i know what your getting at but i think we also need a sight like the secondary sight of the RCO or the DMS, just for some varity

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I agree, more reddot variety would be nice. And since they both use picatinny rails there is no reason to block the pistol scopes from being used on main weapons.

I agree with the OR (Original Reporter) - I personally find red-dot sights more convenient than those using a "reticle" (Holo/ACO) - because a reticle does (wrongly) obscure the objects behind it - it should actuallly use additive blending.

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