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Very unbalanced MODS
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Why are the majority of moderators very unbalanced mentally. Take for instance Max Power in the Arma 3 forums. A completely unbalanced individual who can dish it out but doesn't like it when he is fed the same crap back. Making up "discussions" in his head and accusing people of having psychic abilities. Don't point this out to him tho cause he will ban you for 3 months. Damn I should have known, being psychic n all.
I suggest a complete adjustment of his attitude needs to be implemented ASAP


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Reply to a moderator who thinks he is GOD telling him he isn't. He will first attempt to smite you but will fail because he is not GOD, when he realizes his delusions of grandeur are just that, delusions, you will be banned from the forums. I now refer to him as a Knoberator, similar to a crokodilo.

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The steps to complain about a moderator to the head moderator are completely flawed. You need to log in to do it but when you have been banned, that is impossible. When I am unbanned, if ever, I will post the email online for all to see what a royal muppet Max Power is.

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Thanks for the laugh. ;)
k thx bai
in b4 lock

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Glad I made someone laugh today, In B4 lock too.

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