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Lottery of commanding AI to take/open inventory
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Currently if you order a subordinate (AI or another player) via the action menu to take an item it is very difficult do so with any accuracy.

a) "Take [item name]" when there are multiple instances of said item can direct the subordinate to an instance 200m+ away instead of the one 5m away - there's no way to tell which one you are directing them to.

b) "inventory" will direct them to approach a container and open their inventory for you to adjust their loadout - however you cannot dictate what container - the engine works that out for itself. Very awkward.


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Steps To Reproduce

a) 1 - set up a mission with a dozen OPFOR, you + 1 AI on BLUFOR

    2 - shoot all the OPFOR
    3 - Order you AI to take a weapon from the OPFOR bodies
    4 - Watch you AI run to a completely different body than the one you expected

b) 1+2 as above

3 - order your AI to open his inventory
4 - as above
Additional Information

I'm aware that there is a logic to both - at least somewhere. However I feel that it should be made more obvious, maybe with distances for a). b) I feel would be best solved by allowing you to use it in combination with your mouse-point, like some of the quick-action/context commands

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Same for rearming AI at an ammobox, they often open their gear at a random ammobox instead of the one you are pointing at.

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