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[Feature Request] Gatling gun for the CH-49 Mohawk and sliding door
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It would be nice to have a gatling gun inside right sliding door of the Mohawk. When not in use the door can be closed. When in use the door can be opened and the gun can slide outwards slightly. I noticed that the right sliding door no longer opens. If possible this feature should be re-added to the Mohawk.


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Agreed, and also one 50cal on open ramp at least if the miniguns are not implemented. The doors issue is in one ticket I think. Upvoted

Is the dev team still working on the sliding door issue? When can we have the Ramp door and a sliding door on the Mohawk?

Everyone knows about that.

Bohemia has already announced a future helicopter DLC which will include heavy lift helicopters but the Mohawk ramp door and the sliding door issue still has not been resolved.