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cant throw a 2nd or 3rd grenade until the first has exploded
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New unreal grenade error. you are unable to throw a follow up grenade until the first has exploded, which is really noticeable if you are on a high tower. Previously this was not a problem.


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Try to throw several grenades at once, try from a hight tower

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There was a delay added between each throw because you could throw a grenade literally every second.

This is not that, this is past the delay if the first hasn't exploded.

This is exactly what AD2001 is saying, I just tried it. You can throw a second grenade about a second before the first explodes.

The height matters not because the grenades don't detonate on impact but on a set timer so throwing it from the ground, a tower or a space station, it's always going to detonate after a set amount of time after they leave your hand since they are not cookable.

This was a stupid change. The way it was before was way more realistic. In real life I would have no trouble throwing two grenades at the same time, or even just prepare them. Being able to throw them right after each other was the only thing that comes close.