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Arrow keys ALWAYS issue movement orders when the player is commander
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Even if you go to the options and unbind every instance of the arrow keys, pressing an arrow key will still give movement orders to the driver when as a vehicle commander. This might clash with people's specific control schemes and seems weird overall that there is no way to actually unbind vehicle movement orders from the arrowkeys.

I like to use the arrowkeys to turn vehicle turrets, because it's faster and easier than rotating the turret with your mouse due to the capped rotation speed.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Unbind the arrow keys so that they should not be used for movement aynmore.
  2. Place a vehicle with an AI driver in the editor, play as the commander.
  3. Try pressing the arrow keys to notice that even though the arrow keys are unbound in the options, they seem to still issue movement orders.

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There's still no way to bind the key for the direction order... Sad. (I have the problem for W, A, S, D on my QWERTZ keybord)

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You can disable it from .cfg file. Not sure is it these:

My command keys look like that and arrows don't issue commands. Just take the arrow keys out like I've done.

C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\Arma 3

Also here are some tickets

The second one shows you the same method as I said.

Yea, by the way, here's the ticket I posted some weeks ago!