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Everything Blurry as soon as spawn
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Everything Blurry as soon as spawn
Hi guys, this has happened to me a few times while staring a new game as soon as I spawn everything in my screen looks blurry, from the scenery to my gun to my guy in third person view, it looks like a water paint.

It also happens sometimes after playing for a couple of minutes. In order to get rid of it I have to exit the game and get back in, but it usually comes back.

This does not happen a 100% of the time.

I am using nvidia cards in SLI with the latest drivers playing with triple screens, but using only one in full screen.

Heat problem? texture problem? scenario problem?

Thanks in advance



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Game Freezes
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[SP&COOP] Blue day
from the fpsunknown's Workshop
nvidia latest drivers 1920x1080
(updated played this scenario it worked fine, unable to reproduce will update)

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Is this bug reproducible only in that mission?

I have tried a couple of new scenarios , no problem so far, tried the same scenario no problems. Let me try a few more and will report after the weekend.

It look's pretty similar to when you get killed.

Could it be the blur bug that occurs when you're killed when in free fall?