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Support for different weather depending on your location on the map.
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Arma 3 has some very large terrain. Something that comes with large terrain in real life is weather based on location. I would like to be able to be walking around in the sun while looking at the horizon and seeing storm clouds approaching. Under these storm clouds, rain could be falling and the wind more violent.


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Well..i have the honor to inform you..the request you have it's already INGAME from (at least) ARMA 1 the (sad)form of asynchronous weather between clients.
Even today played a mission with the team..and for some guys was rain-for some others sunshine.

*As i m writing this i can remember (again from ArmA1 era)a mission known as *Evolution (CTI-coop) was having a feature of dynamic/moving rain on map (probably scripted)
So..i will guess this is (probably) doable also in ArmA3

Others are asking for synched JIP weather and stuff, so depending if the async weather is considered design or if weather is synched eventually, this should be picked up as a module maybe again.

It would nice to have storm clouds were you want and rain to be under clouds only unless moved by wind.