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Please increase stamina when weapons lowered.
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Would like to have some balancing, When weapons are lowered we should have more stamina. Right now their is no way to ration your stamina so you are basically stuck in always having your guns up.

It breaks immersion alot. I would like to just lower my gun so i can run farther faster instead of aiming it everywhere i go.


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go inside editor, run with weapons lowered or up.

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Isn't this already in the game?

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It is sort off in the game, But its unbalanced.
I.e if you run with combat pace+sprint disabled and weapons lowered.
You will slowly regain stamina, But the animation is off. Its more of a fast walk then a slow run.

it also doesn't add up. why run with your gun in one hand diagonally across the body instead of either besides you or holding it with two hands.

But the moment you enable combat pace it drains stamina.

Their is no balance. Its either move incredibly slow and awkward or sprint and drain stam.

Realistically speaking, would moving with a rifle make you tired faster holding it up or with it lowered? You hint at animation problems? Those would be a separate issue. And the issue of stamina has literally been discussed to death on the forums.

Because you are changing the center of gravity. If you have your weapon close to your body. You are able to turn more efficiently. Spend less energy on counter balancing.

Holding it infront of you while running makes you spend more energy counterbalancing and you are not able to stop/accelerate/turn faster.

Would those be the muscles be the same?

In real life you can run faster if you don't hold your weapon up, that's for sure. Therefore running at the same speed with your weapon up will most likely tire you faster (though I was never dumb enough IRL to run for extended periods with my weapon raised, so can't actually provide RL data).