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[Request]: Helicopters shall not explode if they tip over
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If you crash-land with a Mohawk, it often likes to tip over to the side at low speed and will just explode if the engine touches the terrain.

This happens to any chopper that has "no-clip" rotorblades.

It would be nice if the chopper could just turn into a "wrecked" version or just not explode, it's quite annoying if you loose your tail rotor and at a soft "landing" it tips to the side and suddenly explodes...


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If anyone is for this request, you may like this post so that it will be seen by the Dev. team.

I will soonly add some screenshots to show it more detailed.

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Helicopters should rarely explode, even after rough landing people survive. It is only when you lose rotor blades so you can not autorotate and you drop like a rock from sky when pilots and passangers die.

There are tickets for helicopter damage modeling to be lowered so they don't explode if just touching a tree or ground. As it is just so wrong that even on high speed tires touch ground gently and whole thing explode like someone would have pressed detonator while C4 attached to helicopter.

I agree with the "rarely exploding" thing, just if a helo crashes hard, mostly everone will die, even if it does not explode.

A "wrecked" frame would be nice, or at least "destroyed rotorblades" and deformed frame would be epic. But I assume the torn off rotorblades would be possble to make, I mean, ARMA III is not completely done yet, so there is a little tiny chance of this happening.

P.S. I added a picture that shows perfectly how extreme this "exploding heli" is.

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it's not true, i am disagree with you

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