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Logistics - Transport - Unload/load Containers
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I am missing a feature in Arma that can't be reproduced properly with script, neither have I found any mod/addon for it.
This is a treat for those who make missions aimed towards realism.

We have HEMTT Transport vehicles with no trailers behind it, nor does it exist ingame. We have HEMTT TBOX vehicles with non-deployable containers on top.

Would'nt it be nice if you could attach a trailer behind the empty HEMTT vehicle or could air-lift a container directly from the HEMTT BOX or even unload the cargo.
This can furthermore be used to move baseobjects around, i.e a Heli lift a HQ on top of a transport and so on.

Hope this will get a positive response :)

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Upvote for HEMTT justice. Tired of helicopter hype, lets make HEMTT tip the scale!

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So Bohemia...does that get implemented with the Tanks DLC? ;)