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Wrong brake behavior of tracked vehicles
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Since one patch, BI changed the braking behavior of tracked vehicles.
Now, we have a realy unrealistic movement.

First you should know, there is a hidden and not configurable brake. A real brake (not handbrake).
Normally you should only be able to use the hand brake.
In your "Playername.Arma3Profile", you can assign a key right under handbrake for the real brake.

Now the problem. Normally i stop a tank with "W" or "S", but the AI use this hidden brake. And that look weir. The tank will slide like on ice.

This issue seems to be dependent upon the mass.

Thanks for read.


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I don't understand the problem by looking at your video. Is there now the problem with the way the AI brakes or with the way players brake? Or both?

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I don't understand what you mean by the different braking options.

But running a tank full steam down a hill and locking the tracks will result in a sliding stop.

To me it doesn't seem to unrealistic when you compare it to stuff like this.


The problem is the brake behavior by using the "real" brake on a tracked vehicle, actually used only by AI-Drivers.

Normal, you will use "S", while you move forward, if you want to stop your vehicle. This looks normal but its not the brake. At the moment, you can't assign a key for the brake in the settings menu.

This is only possible in your config file (Playername.Arma3Profile).

It is absolute wrong that your tracks are instantly blocked and your vehicle will slide 50 m to full stop.

Before this one mentioned patch, all was fine.

This is definitely too much.

And @Devs please unlock the brake key in menu. So everybody can enjoy this bug.

The tracks being blocked by the handbrake is absolutely realistic, and what happens then is dependent on the terrain and speed.

An irl tank driver once told me, driving on the roads, when he pulls that special "handbrake", the tank lifts up 2m in the rear and if a car drives behind him with 30-40 km/h he would have no chance to brake in time and would land underneath the tank.

So do you want the ticket to be about the missing configuration in the GUI or about the physics behaviour?

Hey @Fireball

This is not the Handbrake.
The handbrake is without function in tracked vehicles. ;-)

This ticket is for the behavior of tracked vehicles when AI is using the brake.
AI will never use the handbrake. In any case, the normal brake is used by AI to stop a vehicle and actually not configurable for any player.

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