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Its been 12 years and we still can't report our position to AI.
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Ever since OFP when an AI teammate says "where are you?" (OFP) or "report position" (Arma 3) we have been helpless on how to reply to them, seeing how we can't respond with our position. AI squad leaders have never had the problem, and can even report their positions. I think its the players' turn to have that right too :)


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Place yourself as a group leader, and put a squadmate around 800 meters away, and wait for him to say "report position" and notice how you can't reply appropriately.

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Even if they say "report position" they still know where you are and will follow you.

Duplicate of #13255

@ Frank

Regardless being able to respond, or at least them not squawking at you like deaf parrots would be nice, it becomes a real pain in the ass when playing AI intensive missions like I do.

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