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Mouse steering in vehichles - spesifically helicopters.
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My problem is that when I'm in a vehicle, im not able to use my mouse to steer. I can only use my mouse to look around as if I - without this problem - would doubletap "ALT" for. This is espesially problematic when I'm flying a helicopter partly because your aim depends on the general posistioning of the vehicle and the mouse provide better control than the keyboard.


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I don't really know what this means. Sorry.

But if it means; how to solve the problem, I would probably say that you can - in addition to solve the obvious "glitch" - add a feature in the controls menu in the settings where you can choose what should be the default freelook settings for each kind of vehicle.

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The interesting thing about this issue is that there was no such issue in the early alpha. But i don't know wether this problem regards only me or if others have the same problem but, since i see people flying helicopters so smoothly online as if they where using a mouse to do so, i assume that this is my problem specifically.

This situation is also the same for cars and such, but since i like to have freelook in cars I won't call that a problem.

I also didn't know how to get in touch with the developers about this issue, but this was the first place I came across so i figured i'd give it a try. Please help.

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You have enabled "vehicle freelook" in the settings.

Thanks. Maybe I didn't see it.

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