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RCO and MRCO reticule gliltches
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When zooming with RCO and MRCO the aiming cross is not clean, lots of "ghost" cross also appears like glitches which make the scope not really usable.

See the attache picture to see what I mean.

I noticed it right after changing from a HD6870 to HD7950.



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Also appears, GeForce GTX 570.

Not a bug, that's the DOF simulation. Turn DOF off and the ghosts will disappear.

Edit: Added example. DOF simply ghosts every pixel four times, once on every corner, which also creates the "boxes" around tracers.

@InstaGoat: Why do you think it's not a bug? Yes, it disappears with the DOF setting, BUT real DOF must be 1.gaussian blur 2.not applied to scope reticule (I am assuming DOF is Depth of Field effect, given no other explanation)

It is a bug for sure.

DarkWanderer: It is not a bug because this system is intended to work this way, and has always achieved the blur effect through displacement like this since Armed Assault was released in 2006.

And yes, I mean depth of field.

The problem is that this system natively produces this visual glitch, so a new system would be needed to fix this problem.

I'm not a specialist of DOF effects and blurring technique, but like DarkWanderer I think that DOF effect shall only be applied outside the scope...

I mean in real life when you look and focus on a scope you do not see this aliasing ... otherwise you have some eye issues...

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It's simple, just like rotation blur doesn't affect you gun either.


It is not a bug because (...).

Sorry, but you're plain wrong.

1.In ArmA 1/2, there was no visible cloning of aiming reticle/point
2.In real life, blur of out of focus objects is radial
3.In real life scopes, the reticle is in one of the internal focal points of the optical system. Hence, it will not be blurred when looking at target.

Hence, it is a bugged implementation of an effect that shouldn't be there. I'd suggest you stop changing terms and arguing for the sake of arguing...

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I have the same issue here too. ARCO looks glowing to me and that's ok.

But I just hate how RCO looks like since the first update after the release. It's not glowing like ARCO, it kinda has tripled (looks that to me) reticules, which is a big harm to my vision. really hate it.

this needs to be fixed.