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Include plate carriers in CSAT-specific camo
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Currently CSAT does not have any plate carriers in their faction-camo available. Using NATO carriers (have US flag) or AAF carriers (green digital camo does not match) is a less than ideal solution.

For comparison, the values of plate carriers vs. the default CSAT harness, based on recent dev built:
(armor, mass, passthrough)
Lite: 5*0.8/60/0.4
Rig: 5*1/ 80/ 0.4
RIG GL: 5*1 /80 /0.2
Default OPFOR harness: 5*0.4/40/0.8

Due to the noticeable difference plate carriers make in terms of damage resistance when compared to CSAT's default harnesses the addition of CSAT specific plate carriers would give more options to mission makers in terms of CSAT's survivability.


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Spreadsheet with relevant values (based on stable), pulled straight from config. Vests and plate carriers all have the V_ prefix

(courtesy of harakka)

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The CSAT Uniform itself offers higher ballistic protection, though.

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The uniform? How?

Unless I've missed it the uniforms don't have armor or passthrough values.

My in-game tests didn't suggest that either.

Hm, interesting. I've checked the Uniforms back during alpha days and I clearly remember them having both an armor and passthrough value.

I'm going to look into the config manager again, they might have changed things.

Here's a spreadsheet that pulled all relevant values from the config (based on stable):