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Autoclimb ladders option
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I would really appreciate an autoclimb option added to the settings menu in the controls.

There is already enough to do in this game without having to mouse wheel and choose the option to climb. Its a little too much "busy work". If I face a ladder, in close proximity to it, my player should be able to just start climbing after a bit of delay (1/2 a second). This would make the game play more fluid and if setup as an option then those that like to manually climb could mouse wheel and click to their hearts content.


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really? Your voting against an optional setting? Because you like having to mouse wheel down to "Climb ladder" and click? Wow you guys must like minutiae. maybe we can add a safety to the guns so you can turn that off and on

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+1 for selector switch & safety!!
...any more questions? :P

The reason why I don't like your idea is that then it's possible that your soldier would start to climb even if that wasn't your intent. This is the reason why I don't like automatic actions like automatic reloading, automatic open/close doors or automatic get-in's.

However, I didn't vote the ticket down. But I did now because of the attitude...

Go to ladder
Press middle mouse button or Space

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It would be nice for it to be automatic, accidentally climbing up ladders is probably the rarest mishap when it comes to games vs environment, and the reason it should be auto is for one less item on the action menu, a menu that is context sensitive to where you look and sometimes even picky about looking in a particular spot.