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Tanks will ignore destroy waypoints
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If you set a "Destroy" Waypoint for a tank on any unit of the game, the tank will just do nothing.


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Place Unit, set detroy waypoint.

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Tried it as well by

  1. Put down playable unit
  2. Put down enemy unit
  3. Put down friendly tank
  4. Put down Destroy Waypoint next to enemy

What will happen:
The tank will go to the marker and then start moving around.
If you put down a move waypoint then the tank will go to the waypoint and then kill the enemy.

So there is something wrong with AI/Waypoint behaviour.
Arma 3 regular Windows 7 x64

More Testing: If the enemy is a infantry then the tank wont attack on destroy waypoint. But it will attack if its a hardtarget on destroy waypoint.