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Visual recoil is too high (How body of the unit behaves)
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When firing a rifle in automatic mode, upper torso moves to much. For example if firing the same rifle, with the same speed, but in semi-automatic mode, torso moves not so much, with normal amplitude.


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It'd be better if they had the rifle recoil, rather than the entire torso, but that's kinda nitpicky.

What you're actually saying, is that you have a feature request for a vertical deadzone for the rifle, right? Because without such a deadzone, the torso WILL move.

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I'm saying that when firing single shots from rifle with *full auto mode* turned on, body moves more intensively then when firing in *single shot mode*. It looks like body suddenly starts to recieve higher recoil from the rifle when rifle is in *full auto firing mode*. I can make a video to demonstrate if needed.