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Percieved speed slower than reported vehicle speed
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The reported speed in Km/h seems far too much for what you see, the speedometer will report that you're driving at 100 Km/h but it feels more like 50 or 60 km/h.

This should be adjusted, imo.


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Take a vehicle, drive through Altis in game...then go drive a real vehicle at a similar speed, notice the difference.

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This might be related to how the engine measures distance, because i've often felt that some distance that looks like 300m is reported as 130m or similar, though that would probably have the opposite effect in speed calculation vs perception.

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no it shouldn't

percieved speed depends on FOV (field of view)
and in fact because FOV is higher then normal the percieved speed is already more then reality.

if you want a better perception of speed one solution is to buy triple monitors (perception of speed comes mainly from your periferal vision cause objects closer to you seem to move faster) or you can increase FOV also (the last solution gives distortion however).

Yeah, try looking at the objects close to you as well (i looked out of the side window as well). Game says you're doing 40 but it feels like you're at a stand-still.

Also, FOV reduces as you go faster in real life, and no, Arma's FOV is much lower than real life, our FOV must be closer to 180 degrees, in Arma FOV is around 70 iirc.

p.s. Do you drive? I don't mean this in a snarky way.

edit: i also tried third-person.


yes ARMA's FOV is lower then real live but you have to take into account your monitor setup also.
If you want a FOV of 180 degrees on a single monitor you get a distorted view.

If you want a non-distorted view the FOV should be around 55 for a single monitor of 23 inch if your eyes are sitting 50 cm away from monitor.
The curent FOV of 75 is already to wide to provide no distortion so in fact the sense of speed is already bigger then it should be.

To replicate a real life FOV you need 3 monitors that you put on an angle of aprox 60 degrees each and your real eyes should be on the center of the imaginary circle if you would place 6 monitors around you.

(figures are just a close estimation based on my sim racing setup)

Ok, but are you sure a simpler solution isn't simply to fix/re-check the speed being reported? I'm just saying that 100km/h doesn't seem like 100km/h. Not suggesting replication of real-life FoV.

Like this video is less than 100 km/h (around 86-90), but it also feels like that:

If you take a vehicle and ride it through Altis (towns, etc.) you'll see that what you see in the video is what you'll see at 135 km/h in the game. FOV is similar in both, too.

I find that racing games have the same problem, you'd be crawling almost and the game tells you that you're travelling at 100 Km/h...

I'm not sure how they calculate speed anyway, the predator drone apparently reaches 300 km/h and so does the jet, yet the predator drone feels like it's much slower.

Even check this out, 208 mph = 92 m/s, those poles are about 100m apart, and the car crosses each one in just over a second.