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Gunship optics no longer available to player as gunner.
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Toggling optics as gunner in Blackfoot and Kajman no longer switches to gunsight view. Only zooms player view. (Right click, /, and numpad 0).


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Spawn Player as Gunner in either blackfoot and Kajman. Try to toggle optics on.

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Known issue. Also affects some land vehicles as well. It happens when you start the mission as gunner. Try hopping out and back in and it's fixed.

Still valid as of the latest Dev build. Cannot switch to Blackfoot's gunner view, making the gunner position useless for a player controlled helo.

Seriously, this needs fixing.

EDIT: Getting in and out seems to fix it. Doesn't work obviously when you start in-flight. Really needs fixing.

It seems this issue occurs when the player starts in the chopper.

True for all Vehicles that have interiors/RTT screens.

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I was unable to reproduce that on any version, but the QA is going to take a closer look with different setups to be sure. Thanks a lot for letting us know.

I just tried it with the up to date dev build. Playing a Blackfood on the map and setting "Player as Gunner" exhibits the problem, pressing right mouse button or keypad 0 will zoom the view but will not switch to camera. Once you disembark and get in as gunner again, the controls work as expected.

Can not reproduce anymore in 1.20.