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Overall ballistic issue
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I'm not sure if the ballistic of the game is part of it's engine but in any case sorry in advance.

I wanted to report this since a long time I just did not know how to do it, but as far as no one spoke/noticed about this, I'm looking forward to reporting it.

I don't know if anyone noticed it, but bullets ballistic aren't being dropped because of their low-speed, but simply because there is some time applied to each projectiles and they can't fly anymore when that time expired.

How I noticed it:

I was checking out the FFIS mod (fire and fight improvement system), that I mainly downloaded because of its AI suppression improvements and mostly because the wind simulation is supported for most types of projectiles.

Once again, I was using a bullet-cam tool to check the bullets trajectories and adjusting the winds force.

So, actually without the presence of wind, the projectile will be dropped within the 6 seconds.

Do that test again but with winds force maxed out, all you have to do is use any weapon and fire in the wind direction... the projectile will not be slowed down and instead, will rather be accelerated by the influence of wind. Sometime it will even fly faster than its innit speed... However, even if its speed increased because of the winds force, the bullet will still fall down within the 6 seconds delay.


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Steps To Reproduce

This is quite long to reproduce, so please don't miss any step.

You need 2 mods;
1- FFIS (
2- Proving Ground (, you can replace PG by any other script using a bullet-cam but this tool is essential for this kind of thing I want to say.
3- Once mods installed, go to editor, add a soldier, preview.
4- Pause the game and turn on Proving Ground, and open the PG's menu (scroll down at the action menu)
5- Enable bullet-cam and click on Environment, this is including weather, viewdistance, wind force/direction, etc. Max-out winds force.
6- And finally, fire in the wind direction.

Additional Information

Version 1.03.XX (the latest dev build version)

Nota: You can fire against the wind direction, your projectile's speed will be decreased this time, but won't be fallen sooner.

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yes, bullets have a lifetime.
that lifetime is too short in my opinion.
to fully simulate the whole way a bullet is going for every bullet in the game is probably impossible.
plus there would be a way for trolls to lag or crash a server by shooting a lot of bullets into the air at an angle which makes them fly as long as possible. and that way bullets can travel huge distances, so more and more bullets need to be processed by the server ..

and the mod may be the reason for disturbing physics as the in usual game everything is just working fine, it's just that the bullets will disappear after a few seconds if they're not impacting somewhere.

A lifetime, exactly, thanks!
That's the word I was looking for :)

I guess we all know that CPUs utilization will just badly affect the game performances if there was a way to simulate the whole bullets ballistics. I can imagine the result with 50 bullets flying from everywhere.