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Second in command turns a group into full retard mode
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Sometimes, whenever the initial leader of a group dies & second in command takes over, the AI go into full retard mode. They wont advance to the next waypoint & they just stand there.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place an blufor group. Make one the player (not the leader or second in command). Place a few opfor groups. Spread them out so you can observe seperate encounters / engagements. Give the blufor group waypoints throughout the AO, where each opfor group would be.

When / if your leader dies, observe the retardation that occurs.

Additional Information

I've noticed this alot. I've a very simple mission where the player group goes throughout the AO, killing baddies. That's it. Whenever the leader of my group dies, sometimes the mission can't be completed, because the AI wont advance to the next waypoint.

The new leader stands there giving the same command over & over again. "move 100m bla bla bla". The rest of the group stands there... rendering the mission borked.

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