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AI won't attack anything beyond 400 meters.
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The AI don't attack anything past 400 meters which makes it very easy to kill them as they stand there doing nothing.

A US army report stated that 50% of all engagements in afghanistan were between 300 and 800 meters.


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The Vanilla AI are terrible, I find myself looking for AI mods to make the Firefights more fulfilling - but I do resent having to do that a bit. Upvoted

I have noticed this problem too (However i haven't tested the AI lately) they use to engage at further distances but the problem there was that they were too damn accurate (2-4 shots from an assault rifle would normally hit you enough to kill you).

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"The AI don't attack anything past 400 meters"
Yes they will. Vehicles will engage other vehicles even if they are further than 400 meters...

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@Gekkibi: Obviously im talking about normal infantry. thus the "stand there doing nothing"

Then edit the ticket so that it's obvious.

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I this still valid? (please consider the optics the AI is using - e.g. standard rifleman won't really try much to engage beyond few hundred meters while a sniper will try to get a shot even on 1km)

@oukej yes i just tested and it is still valid. I placed an enemy soldier on a hill and stand 370 meters away with a trigger to print the exact distance between us every second. I fire at the enemy and he sees me and goes prone. Then I begin taking steps forward. at 355 meters he begins shooting at me. if I take 1 step back to 356 meters he stops firing. Take a step forward to 355 and he begins firing at me again. Its really silly.

Like I said, even though the taliban have only iron sights the majority of engagements reported in Afghanistan for the US army occurred between 300 and 800 meters.

This means Arma 3 is missing out on the vast majority of real life engagement possibilities because AI refuse to fire beyond 355 meters.