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Make AI take point in formation (especially line, column or staggered column)
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Add the possibility to designate one or more to AI take point in the formation.


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Just like in real life, where there's usually a point man scanning for mines and/or scouting the area when moving in a line type formation, the lead officer is usually not at the very front of a patrol, but in the front half of the patrol. This is especially true for line, column or staggered column style infantry formations when following a preplanned route (e.g. using the 'move to' order for a formation which includes the player).

I'd like to have the possibility to designate one or more to AI take point in the formation. (one of the reasons being that this way I'm not the first one killed when I run into enemy contacts, which is really bothersome in warfare)

Maybe this should automatically reset when being fired upon or switching to danger mode. A 'reset formation' type order should definitely be available to reset the situation to the default setting.

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The AI in your group doesn't know where you're going. How would they take point? They follow you.
You still have the option to designate one dude and have him move in front of you, out of the formation, to a specific point. I'd imagine that's about the only thing you can do with AI.

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You can achieve this through the Advance, Stay back, Flank Left, Flank Right orders under the Move menu (1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5).

These commands are cumulative: they will make the AI move about 50 m in the corresponding direction each time they are issued. So if you want a unit to take point 200 m in front of you, select it and order it to advance (1-2) 4 times.

Also, these orders can be combined: for example, if you issue a Flank order after an Advance one, the AI will move in a diagonal line to take point either to the front-left or front-right.

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Oh, I thought those were for the management of AI when you're not in the group. They seem to disconnect from the group altogether when you issue those orders.

Yeah they don't leave the group.
Once in the new offset position, they'll move in sync with you as always.