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Triggers activating once mission starts
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Tried for several hours and several new mission files to activate triggers properly, i.e. Blufor enters AxB square -> LAV moves. What happens is once I preview the mission the LAV moves, even though the blufor infantrymen and all other members are way out. (No, the LAV isn't inside the trigger zone). Tried looking for this issue, but found nothing. I'm on the dev build.


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Steps To Reproduce

Open editor
Place civilian, or any other object
Place trigger zone
Place any other AI
Trigger movement from other AI on trigger activated by object

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If you know this is a user-error, let me know. I can't make any missions because of this issue and I'd very much like to. Cheers.

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Obviously condition: this = true.

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snakes are civilians too.

Not even going to honour that with a proper response.

BOOtsy is right,

Animals should be in a "NEW" Animal faction, not in the civilian faction.

Nevertheless, there's nothing in the trigger when the missions starts. The synched objects move anyway.

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Can you upload a repro mission?

Just follow the repro steps, as I'm not sure if it's a user-error or not. If you get a faulty trigger from those steps, I'm sure it's not on my end.


Animals might be the cause, though.

Not in a 1x1 trigger in the middle of the road

A snake can come to that one square meter.

In the time it takes my rig to exit the completed loading screen? Besides, it's besides (not intended) the point. The point is it doesn't matter what faction, the trigger is ignored.

I have a similar problem except that the trigger fires immediately once the mission starts. Usually when it is a BLUFOR or OPFOR or INDEPENDENT to be in PRESENT or NOT PRESENT trigger conditions. It even happens when the trigger is grouped to a unit to link it to that specific unit. I have version 1.52.