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Zoom/G Effect is not based on acceleration, but on speed
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Once in a fast vehicle, there's an acceleration effect that adjusts the field of view to simulate head mouvement once accelerating or braking.

Unfortunately, this effect is bound to speed (if you go fast enough, like 200-300 km/h, your "head" starts going backwards, if you use the brakes, your "head" will progressively go forward).

It should be linked to acceleration (Gmeter) as it's more accurate. (Once fast enough, if you keep the same speed, your head shouldn't be pressed against the seat)

Tested on a Hatchback (sport). Haven't tested on other vehicles yet.


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Place a civilian Hatchback (sport), player as driver >> Accelerate to 250-300 km/h >> Observe the FOV >> Brake hard >> Observe the FOV

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i thinks this is supposed to increase the speed effect. If it's right, I think faster you go, smaller should be the fov, to simulate the decrease perception of your environement. However, not really important for me.

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That makes sense.
But a blur effect could be more appropriate to do this.

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Majority of players use keyboard for driving. Because you can't adjust how much you are accelerating or decelerating, the driving would look something like this: