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Laser go trought vehicles
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Laser dont lock on vehicles, it lase behind vehicles.


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Tank on top of a hill

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lasing@3km but a tank can only go 2400?

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How about changing the topic to:
"Lasers do not lock-on, and go through vehicles"

If the laser does go through the vehicle, then the pilot (or remote gunner) should then see the lazed ground as a target! So more specifically what is happening, sometimes lasers are not locking-on to a target (whether vehicle or ground item) or the lazed target is not being transmitted to the remote gun item or aircraft targeting system.

If your bug as stated is true, then this may be why I and some others are not able to lase targets, and the pilots subsequently cannot see any lazed target!

I had trouble for the past week lasing some targets for pilots, as they could not see the lazed target on their HUD. I then noticed a person lazing targets very well last night while I was flying, and everything he lazed showed on my HUD without flaws. (*Note: He was in the same group as I was, so this may also be an issue.)

And then tonight, somebody tried lasing multiple targets, and none of his targets showed on my HUD. (This person was not within my group.)

I'd like to create a mission with an AI partner lasing targets, while I fly bomb runs.

Change description to: "Laser targeting devices do not lock on vehicles. The lasers target behind vehicles."

Change Steps to Reproduce to: "Create a mission with a tank on top of a hill, and laser target the tank."

Change Additional Information to: "Lazing the tank from 3km from tank, but laser targeting device show tank at 2400km?" (I think this is what you meant to say.)

UPDATE: I just used the laser designator this evening, and did not notice the laser going through targets at all. I did notice the pilot had issue picking up the lazed target, but he finally acquired the target after listening that he had to approach from the side of the targetted item without hills in the way. Also, Internet lag may also be an issue. I did notice the pilot was warping across the map at times.